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Beyond the Veil Draft Classes Pt VI - The Naturalist

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Dearest Teresa,
This land is half again as remarkable as I hinted in my last correspondence. I have discovered a new reptile, with tufts of fur, of all things, around the ears. I have attached a drawing of it and a scale for your own collection. I aim to make way again towards Port City a fortnight after this letter is signed to resupply and find stout companions to sally forth with once more. I miss you dearly, and long to see you with my own eyes in three years time, when this expedition's funding finishes. Truthfully, I find myself loving the New World more by the day. I also, truthfully, find myself wondering when a new name will find itself attached to this land; I have seen and experienced things that suggest to me it is a tragic misnomer.

Your love eternal,
Henrietta Cominero

Aspect: Determination
Stock: Human
Requirements: Determination >3, Sense >1, Can wear any armor, can use 1H melee weapons and rifles
Starting Gear:
  • Old World Rifle (2H, 100yds, Brutal, Firearm 8) with shoulder strap (1T)
  • 10 pre-prepared leaden shot (0X)
  • Powderhorn, full (1X)
  • Well-worn travelling clothes (1ATLF) with belt (0T1S)
  • Morion (1He, AV 1)
  • Breastplate (2T, AV 2)
  • Nearly-full journal (1X)
  • Sidesword (1H) with Sheath (1T1S)
  • Charcoal Pencil (0X)

Class Ability Tract

Level 0: Adventuring Spirit
You sailed halfway around the world for this opportunity, how exciting! You may spend a round and make an Aspect Check after Camping and when not in a city or town in order to force a beneficial random encounter while travelling that will leave you Spirited afterwards. You may choose to learn one thing about a natural phenomena or animal as part of that encounter (how it was formed, any Statuses it has, its relative strength compared to yours, etc). You cannot get lost while in wilderness with a destination you have been to before in mind.

Level 1: Animal Empathy
You've always had a way with animals, the natural ones at least. So long as you do not act with hostility towards an animal, they will not regard you with hostility. You may attempt to calm angered wildlife with an Aspect Check made at -1.

Level 2: Hardy Constitution
Hardened from your world travels, you have a hardier constitution than most. You make Checks against Poison and Disease at +1 and can go an extra day without food or water. While Spirited, you are capable of stomaching even the foulest of foods and render them safe to eat for others.

Level 3:  Run & Gun
You fought in a war, once, back in the Old World. Some of that experience is still ingrained in you. When you take the Aim Action, you can Move in the same turn and retain the bonus from Aiming so long as it is against the same target.

Level 4: Sterner Stuff
You fancy yourself made of sterner stuff than the soft, posh folks of the Old World, and have the skill and luck to prove it, sometimes. If you would gain a negative Status, you may reduce your Baize size by one card to instead not gain that Status, discarding a card from it if necessary. You regain all lost Baize slots as a special Camping Action.

Level 5: Bull Moose
You may shrug off Injured and Critical with Sterner Stuff in addition to its other effects. If you do, enemies must make an opposed Aspect Check against you or become Stunned until the end of your next turn.


You have trained extensively with your rifle, old as it may be. With a steady hand, you can accomplish remarkable feats with it.


Crack Shot


Your rifle becomes Firearm 7 - [Level] until the next time you reload it.

2 Pairs

Your next Attack with your rifle gains Armor Breaker.

3 of a Kind

Your next Attack with your rifle Blinds anyone facing you that fails a Sense Check until the end of their next turn.


Your next Attack with your rifle gains Lethal if it does not damage armor.

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