Sunday, October 3, 2021

GLoGtober Day 3: Portals Aren't Real(ly Viable)

 In my game, magic is certainly bountiful and alive, in a bunch of different ways. Some folks will supernatural things into conformity. Others stitch and purl the omnipresent Veil into a shape more fitting. Rarely, one finds themselves to be subject to more eldritch forces. But no-one, as of yet, as figured out a way to maintain a stable portal. "It's too dangerous" some scholars scoff. "I prefer my soul stay in my body, thank you." others posit. There have certainly been attempts at creating portals. Most end in catastrophe, spawning horrible Denizens as they tear across the fabric of reality into the material world. Best as anyone can tell, the closest one can come is teleportation. It is fast, and difficult, and admittedly limited, but it has the benefit of not allowing souls and other entities from Beyond to enter the realm of the living. Certain sects of the Cult of the Weaver claim to have opened them long enough to allow a horse-drawn cart through, and it is true. What they neglect to say, is cart is the only thing to make out the other side the same way it entered. It seems that in these limited experiments, some entity took the souls of those that crossed in the cart as a sort of toll, if the horse can be believed. The Natural-Industrialist faction of Port City claims that such research is ultimately pointless, and they may have a point if the rumors of a lantern-based messaging system can be believed. Allegedly, in the next three years, ships will be able to communicate remotely at distances greater than two nautical miles.

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