Thursday, June 23, 2022

GLOG Class: Meteor Swordsman

I saw a video on discord and I had to do something about it; it looked like something that would be fun to play in a game so here we are, presenting my first stab at a GLOG class:

The Meteor Swordsman

You gain +1 Movement and +1 Initiative for every Meteor Swordsman template you possess.
Starting Equipment: Leather Armor, meteorite metal sword, a letter revealing the location of a fallen meteorite, good shoes.
Starting Skill [d3] 1 = Soldier, 2 = Aristocrat, 3 = Hermit

A    Takeoff, Ignition
B    Impact, CON +1
C    Comet, STR +1
D    Momentum, Celestial Body

A. Takeoff

The first round of combat your movement increases by [template].

A. Ignition

You can take 1 fire damage and cause your meteorite sword to erupt in flames. Add +1d4 fire damage to damage rolls made with it. This effect lasts until the weapon is sheathed or the end of your next turn.

B. Impact

Ignition may be used to add 10 feet of knockback to any attack you make and applicable to yourself or your target.

C. Comet

Ignition may be used to jump up to 5 times your normal vertical or horizontal distance.

D. Momentum

You cannot be knocked down or lose your footing against your will, even if you are not in contact with the ground. You can use Ignition to ignore fall damage.

D. Celestial Body

Landing on a target transfers the fall damage you would normally take to the target with a successful attack. If you fall at least 10 feet, you can use Ignition to cause anything within 10 feet except you to take 1d6 fire damage when you land.

Meteorite Metal Sword

Forged from metal fallen from the sky in ominous conflagration, your meteorite sword was created to harness the unstoppable force of the heavens. Should it break, you will need to find and acquire a pound of meteorite iron and find a smith familiar with working it. Each sword is unique in appearance, and influences its wielder in some way for up to a week after being separated from the weapon, despite it being nonmagical.

d6 Sword Quirks

1. Lightly attracted towards iron.
2. Glows as night just enough to see the blade.
3. The blade is uncomfortably hot.
4. When swung, the air around it whistles.
5. The blade turns black when exposed to poisons or water.
6. Can be struck like a tuning fork; dogs dislike this.

d6 Influence on Wielder

1. You carry a salt lick for personal use.
2. Your first idea always seems like the best one.
3. Going indoors or below ground makes you jumpy.
4. You always pour the first bite of food and drink onto your blade at meals.
5. You refuse to turn over your weapon for any reason.
6. You tie a ribbon to the handle after every kill. You resent when someone takes your kill.

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